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With more than 160,000 modules in space at the beginning of 2020 and with 19 years of Flight Heritage with no failure, 3D PLUS is the world largest manufacturer of space qualified catalog products and custom System-In-Packages (SiPs). 3D PLUS catalog products and SiPs solutions realize key features and benefits for Space applications: High density - Miniaturization (very small form factors, very low weight), High reliability - Radiation Hardness  (TID, SEL/SEU), and Very Large Flight Heritage: LEO, GEO to Interplanetary missions - Very Long Life Time Electronics (Technology proven for 18 year missions in space).

API Delevan is a specialty manufacturer of coil winding technologies, offering the highest reliability products in the industry. Our pedigree was founded in the Aerospace and Defense markets, where innovative solutions, high reliability and performance are key to success.

Intersil is the leader in power management.  Products include amplifiers, analog front ends, data converters, digital potentiometers, display solutions, DSL solutions, optical storage products, power management products, power sequencers, real time clocks, smart batteries, switches/MUX's, VoIP products and ICs for military, space and rad-hard applications.

International Rectifier offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-reliability, ruggedized discretes and integrated ICs including solutions for DC-DC conversion, solid state switching and motor control.

MACOM is a leading supplier of high performance analog RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products that enable next-generation Internet and modern battlefield applications. Recognized for its broad catalog portfolio of technologies and products, MACOM serves diverse markets, including high speed optical, satellite, radar, wired & wireless networks, CATV, automotive, industrial, medical, and mobile devices. 

Vicor Corporation designs, manufactures and markets innovative, high performance modular power components, from bricks to semiconductor-centric solutions, to enable customers to efficiently convert and manage power from the wall plug to the point-of-load.