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Infineon July 2020 New Product Introduction

Infineon has just released the new products below, open the attachment for more information.

EconoPACK™ + with advanced H2S protection

CoolSiC™ MOSFET 62mm module 1200 V

TLE9012AQU - Battery monitoring and balancing IC

TLE9015QU - Battery management transceiver IC

Best-in-class OptiMOS™ 150 V MOSFET in SuperSO8


OptiMOS™ SC power MOSFETs

OPTIREG™ Switcher TLS412xDxx

XENSIV™ - KP264 digital barometeric air pressure sensor with SPI interface

PROFET™+2 12V - BTS7200-4EPA

Infineon® Power Start 1800 V

2EDF9275F & 2EDS9265H - Dual-channel isolated SiC MOSFET EiceDRIVER™ ICs

BGSA20VGL8/ BGSA20UGL8 - High RF Voltage Dual SPST Antenna Aperture Shunt Switch

EiceDRIVER™ EVAL-1ED44175N01B board

Evaluation board of Integrated Power Device (IPD) Protect

Evaluation board EVAL_HB_ParallelGaN

Infineon_NPI _newsletter_072020
Download • 2.40MB

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